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Savings and Money Market Accounts

Please contact a Personal Banker for a complete disclosure of the terms and conditions and interest rates if applicable.

Savings Accounts

At First Bank of Highland Park we offer savings account options in which you can earn an excellent interest rate depending on your account balance.  The Benefits of our Standard, Prime and Platinum Savings Accounts and Money Market Accounts include:


Standard Savings Account

Platinum Savings Account

The Platinum Savings Account is an interest bearing account that is free of monthly fees and is only available to individuals 55 years or older. To be eligible, Clients must establish direct deposit of their Social Security, Payroll check, or other Retirement benefit into their account. Other benefits of the Platinum Savings Account include:

My First Account

Our My First Savings Account can teach your children an early money lesson - they'll even receive a free piggy bank. This account is designed to teach children and young adults 17 years of age or younger, the benefits of savings. Other benefits of a My First Account include:

Children’s Online Privacy
Protecting the identity and privacy of children is a responsibility we take very seriously. The responsibility to protect this information rests with both the online industry as well as with parents. We do not knowingly collect, use or maintain any information through our website about children who are under the age of 13. Parents can avail themselves of various filtering software packages that are available to prevent their children from accessing websites which they deem to be inappropriate. Parents can choose to utilize this and other methods to limit websites to which their children have access.


IRA Savings Account

Health Savings Account


Standard Money Market Account

Prime Money Market Account



Enter how much you can afford to save each month, how long you can save this amount, and the interest rate you can get on your savings and this script will display your total savings.

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